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International blog watch: Tokyo Source

February 17, 2009

Tokyo Source is a Japanese web magazine that features interviews, reports on event happenings, creative projects and an evolving cultural perspective.  It can be  described as more than an emerging online presence, but rather, it presents the focus of a social movement; a network to change the world–with a refreshing and sustainable perspective.  Tokyo Source introduces evocative artists/creators from artistic and social fields in the form of its trademark extended interviews, exhibitions, projects, and talk media.   The blog  feature is a distinctive resource for information on the art and creative scene in Japan and for a contrasting perspective on topical social/cultural issues.  It is well worth a visit by anyone with an interest in the Japanese art scene and local contemporary culture.  

The Tokyo Source group published a first book of interviews, これからを面白くしそうな31人に行った (31 were to be interesting to see the future) by Pie Books last summer and is available on Amazon JP

The Tokyo Source website and blog are written in Japanese, with a rough English translation available via the Google search/translator (just cut and paste page url into the Google search box).